All-In-One Smartphone

If you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone that packs some great value and features, then you should check out the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Idol 3. Alcatel-Onetouch-Idol-3-9

ALCATEL ONETOUCH is one of the top mobile phone manufacturers here in the U.S. and globally. The IDOL 3 smartphone, available at Cricket Wireless, is a five-and-a-half-inch phone with a Technicolor Color Enhance display for a Full-HD picture, even in direct sunlight. This phone also has a cool new feature called fast face focus to make sure you never miss your shot, especially considering their 13 megapixel main camera. The speakers themselves are enough for them to brag about as they deliver high-quality sound featuring JBL Audio dual 1.2 watt front facing speakers, which you don’t usually get from smartphone speakers. This is also the only smartphone out there that comes with a completely reversible display. Meaning no matter if you’re holding it upside down, to the side, whatever you’re looking at will always be right side up. IDOL 3 also has a large battery for all-day use and features LTE data speeds, perfect for surfing the web and staying connected on-the-go.

That makes it the all-in-phone experience, because that’s what people are looking for these days in a smartphone. The IDOL 3 is one of the best phones out there that nobody is talking about, atleast not yet. These days it seems like theres a new phone coming out each day with new features, upgrade, etc. so if your looking to make a switch and not pay an  arm and leg, the IDOL 3 would be a prime option for you. And with the holiday season right around the corner, the IDOL 3 is the perfect gift for freinds, family and loved ones, it’s an extremly high quality phone at an afforadble price. It’s currently available for as little as $149.99 by visiting Cricket Wireless online or shopping at your nearest Cricket Wireless store.

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