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Everyone always wants or needs a new phone. For all those Android mobile phone users, we have found an unlocked Android phone with the fastest CPU in the market, with a super low price. It is called UBIK: UNO.

It is crucial in 2015 to have a smartphone; from social media, to work emails, catching up on your shows and even photography. The emptiness felt when you forget or break your phone is unbearable, our phones have become an extension of us; The UBIK: UNO is big enough to where it’s hard to lose but tough enough to where it’s hard to break.


This Android phone comes with a beautiful, bezel free design – which is tech terms for a large edge-to-edge screen. The display itself is made of Gorilla Glass, a lightweight, durable glass. In fact, when designing this phone, UBIK, took into account consumer demand. Meaning, they allow the consumers to vote on what will be in the phone. The phone has a 20 Megapixel camera which is the top camera feature that’s available in only a few phones right now. It supports NFC and Bluetooth as well as 3G, 4G and LTE. It’s jail broken and has 16 gigabytes of internal memory that can be expanded to 64 Gigabytes with a Micro SD. It works with pretty much every carrier and can be turned on in the US and Canada by inserting your SIM card.

With the way technology is advancing from year to year and with the holiday season around the corner everybody is going to be wanting the newest and coolest tech products. The UBIK:UNO is the perfect gift for a loved one and you don’t have to spend next months rent to get one.They’re currently running an Indiegogo campaign after which the UBIK: UNO will go for $320. To purchase one, head over to

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