Easy, Affordable, Organized Storage

Every college student has to store their stuff, whether they’re going home for the summer or studying abroad. Well, the company Storganize makes that whole process a lot easier.

It’s hard enough being a college student having to balance class, social life and well the pressure of growing up in general. Moving amogst other seemingly tedious task is just another stress trigger to add to the list. Paying for a storage unit isn’t cheap either and the last thing a student wants to be spending a lot of money on a unit where there belongings are just sitting, not to mention you have to transfer your belongings there yourself. Storganize is a huge weight off student’s back, not that moving is extremly difficult task, but it is frankly an annoying one, storganize is painless and affordable. Why not have someone else literally do the heavy lifting for you?

storganizeHere’s how it works. You start by signing up through their website. You can then request bins that they’ll deliver right to your door. Once you’re all packed up they’ll arrive at the date you set to pick up your items. Then they’ll create a searchable online inventory of your items in storage, complete with photos and descriptions. It is so convenient when you want something back- just a few clicks and they’ll deliver it right to your door. And the storage facilities they use are secure and offer 24/7 surveillance.

Currently Storganize is only operating in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area with plans to expand. You can store single items at $7 a month per box or $15 a month per unboxed item. There’s also a $99 a month dorm plan and a $225 a month apartment plan which can be shared between friends or roommates. To sign up, visit storganize.io.

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