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There are hundreds of bingo games in the app store but most of them don’t offer any type of unique gameplay. Too many app developers don’t like taking risks, so they repeat the same formula over and over again. However, a new app has now emerged that brings us something new. It’s an app called Trophy Bingo. Not only is it the cutest bingo app to hit mobile devices, its unique gameplay will have you coming back for more and more.TrophyBingo

Trophy Bingo offers new ways to play this classic game. The game is centered around Goldie the golden retriever who leads users on an exciting journey with more bingo adventures and puzzles than you could shake a stick at. The goal in Trophy Bingo is to find lost “superdogs” that unlock special power plays to help users win more bingo challenges.

These dogs offer up a whole slew of strategies that mix up your gameplay experience. of Each level contains a different challenge. For example: get five bingos and a gold star to unlock a new character. You can also spin the wheel to collect important items and rewards. Interact with your friends by sharing your items and checking in on friends’ progression within the app. Trophy Bingo has new challenges that are released every day where you can work to earn more rewards.

With over 120 levels and new ones being added, there’s an endless amount features which keeps the game interesting. To make the game your own, you can customize your cards by selecting your lucky numbers. The app is also bringing live events and tournaments soon.

Trophy Bingo is available on iOS, Android and Amazon for free. So do yourself a favor and head over to your app store and search for “Trophy Bingo” to download it today.

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