Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The holiday season is quickly approaching and we all know what that means. Stressful shopping. What are you going to get that special someone who already has everything? One thing they probably don’t have is a mobile option for playing their favorite tunes. Luckily, the tech company Innodevice just created a new portable speaker called the InnoFLASK to fill that need. Not only is it the perfect solution as far as audio quality is concerned, it backs that up with sleek design.


This portable Bluetooth speaker is what you would call a lifestyle speaker. The InnoFLASK is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets, so you won’t have any trouble at all getting it up and running with your favorite music. It can be used while travelling, hiking, studying, or really anywhere that you would want to hear music. The design of the speaker caters to your needs by being flexible in its application. Mobility is key these days, and this speaker is as mobile as it gets.

InnoFlask has a unique compact case that not only protects the device but also doubles as an audio stand. Meaning, that the speaker can easily fit into a briefcase, backpack, or handbag. The device uses the latest version of Bluetooth so pairing is almost instantaneous with a range of up to 30 feet. Beyond just playing music, the device also features the ability to talk on the phone right through the built in microphone.

It is a perfect gift that you can buy for anyone in your life that enjoys music. Whether that person is your coworker or boss that you just don’t know what to get, a family member, or a friend. The InnoFLASK goes for $129 and comes in several distinct colors. To learn more about InnoFLASK head over to innodevice.com today to check it out.

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