Take Care of Your Elderly Parents

As parents age, it is up to their children to make sure that they are taken care of. Anyone who has looked after their parents know how worrisome that can be. Mediace has been created for your peace of mind. mediace

This app allows you to check in on your family member’s health on any given day from your mobile device with ease. So, once your family member downloads the app, they enter in their pertinent information, stuff like their personal details, medicine and dosage, emergency contact details, and insurance information.

Then they’re ready to start logging their daily activities (such as taking medication or monitoring their pulse or blood pressure.) Say your mom just got surgery and she has to take a pill at 2pm every day. You can log in to the app and see whether she took it or not. Another key feature is that it allows you to track their location through GPS monitoring. So if your parent isn’t answering their phone and you’re getting worried, you can open the app and see exactly where they’ve been and where they currently are.

Mediace allows you to keep track of the life or death details that end up being day to day to-dos for the elderly. Such as medication, allergies, doctors appointments, and daily exercises. However, this great app can also be used for one’s own reminders and tracking things like blood pressure or blood sugar. The easy to use platform can assist literally anyone with medical requirements; even parents of children who need to remember a daily medication or doctor’s appointments.

This app is available on iOS for $5.99 and there’s an Android version coming soon. To start monitoring your parents or any elderly person you care about, just search for ‘Mediace’ in the app store and let the app ease your mind.

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