Reliable Senior Transportation

Every year about 600,000 seniors stop driving due to medical or physical reasons, or sometimes by choice. Transportation services for the elderly are important to make sure they can remain mobile to buy groceries and make it to doctor appointments.  Unfortunately, up until now there hasn’t been a comprehensive App solution that can help Senior Centers, Senior Homes, Care Centers and even family members more efficiently connect the elderly with paid, professional and volunteer transportation. A new solution to this is Spedsta.

Spedsta is an app that works to provide safe, affordable and convenient transportation to the elderly.  It unifies screened drivers with good reputations to those in need of transport.  You can schedule right through the app whether you’re a senior yourself or a family member of Senior organization scheduling on behalf of one.  Drivers can get real time notifications with location awareness and flexible scheduling also available. There is also a whole suite of Ride Management software tools that help organizations better manage their community of seniors.  This app is equivalent to a taxi service but geared specifically towards to elderly making it safer and more suitable to their needs. It provides senior citizens with a little more independence as they reach a point in their lives where that starts to diminish.

“With over half a million Seniors reluctantly losing their drivers license every year due to physical impairment, affordability or otherwise, family members are struggling to maintain the independence and mobility of their elderly parents. Senior Care, Senior Home and non-profit organizations which have a mission to assist the elderly are also challenged with their Senior Transportation programs to keep them efficient and affordable while still providing a service that is accessible and useful.”

The Spedsta app is available for all platforms including tablet, laptop, iOS and Android devices. Head over to your app store to download it today.

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