Bringing Businesses Into The Future

If you’ve ever been at a restaurant where you’ve been subjected to wait more than 5 minutes to be greeted, or even longer to order, then this new platform is for you. DropDownDigitalMenus.Comcreated a platform that changes the way people experience a business. Their platform covers a wide range of businesses from restaurants, airports, malls, theme parks and hotels and cruise lines to Universities and even Hospitals. In particular, look at a restaurant for example; you will see an iPad that’s either on a stand, or on an arm attached to the table.  From there the platform allows you to order your entire meal, view the calorie count, change the ingredients, and even pay your bill.  The same concept is applied to airports.  Once you enter the airport, you’ll see the DropDownDigitalMenus – from there, everything you need to know is at your fingertips, from flight information to airport restaurants.  These Digital Menus have already proven to increase revenues in the restaurant industry by at least 25% and higher; mainly because consumers order more when using a digital interface and because the platform helps the tables turn quicker. Convenience is a luxury many consumers invest in, especially in a fast pace era like the 21stcentury.

In their own words; “Drop Down Digital Menus is a subsidiary of Digital World International, that is proud to serve the Guest Service Industry with a unique set of software; that will allow all of your guests access to all that YOUR Guest Service Industry has to offer, all at their fingertips.”

DropDownDigitalMenus.Com also provides a revenue sharing platform for all of their affiliated industries via advertising options on the digital directory menus. The platform benefits both parties. To learn more about Digital World International and Dropdown Digital Menus and to get one for your business, head over to today.

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