Interactive Care Bears App

If your kids love digital apps featuring their favorite characters, chances are they’ve played with a PlayDate Digital app. PlayDate Digital was founded 3 years ago with a mission to take the brands kids love and develop apps around them so they can learn while they play. Since launching, their apps have ranked as the #1 app for preschoolers in over 85 countries, with over 250 million pages of their book apps read around the world.

PlayDate Digital is back again with the app Care Bears. The Care Bears: Sleepy Time Rise and Shine app stars the Care Bears and is designed to help your little one go to sleep and wake up each day by way of teaching their Care Bear characters when to wake up and go to sleep. In Rise and Shine kids wake up their Care Bears by making them do a variety of activities in the morning. In Sleepy Time, kids employ various activities to try to get their characters to fall asleep. There are seven different activities for both waking up and going to sleep that each teach children a life skill or to have some fun! The app is packed with activities to help kids create routines for morning and night and works as a model to establish healthy routines for their own lives. So, if you’ve got kids who love the Care Bears but don’t like going to sleep, then this is the app for you. The app even features 3 original interactive songs to engage and teach kids.

This app is available for just $2.99 for iOS devices. And you can search for Care Bears: Sleepy Time Rise and Shine and any other PlayDate Digital app by heading to the app store today.

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