Never Spill Chemicals or Fluids Again

Although consumer technology has grown exponentially in the past decade somehow there still seem to be archaic designs being used in some of our most basic products. Specifically, about the openings in bottles. Ever had a hard time pouring bleach into a washing machine without spilling? A new product aims to solve those design dilemmas and it’s called the No Spill Spout.

This spout fits on over 150 brands of 1 Gallon bottles and is intelligently designed. It has two vents – one that allows for the passage of liquid, and another that lets air into the container – resulting in a steady controlled stream. The 3-inch distance allows you to pour into a small opening much in the way a funnel would work but without the hassle. No Spill Spout is being launched with 10 colors so you can personalize each bottle with a specific colored spout. This can be a beneficial tool for organization as people can categorize colors to categories of cleaners. A Kickstarter campaign has also been launched to get the manufacturing of these spouts kicked into high gear. This product is not only helpful around the household but can be utilized in the automotive and manufacturing industries as well among many others.

Head over to for more information or search for “No Spill Spout” on Kickstarter to support the campaign today.

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