Hi-Tech CD Ripper

We live in a digital era where owning a tape cassette or CD is almost equivalent to riding a horse and buggy. Instead, we rely on the convenience of listening to our music on our smart phones or computers. What about all of those CDs you spent years collecting? To those of you who still have all the CDs collected before the era of smart phones and tablets, there is a solution to that overcrowding issue. Check out microJukebox.

microJukebox allows you to enjoy your entire CD collection, but digitally. MicroJukebox rips your CDs and stores them in its hard drive where they are played through your network player – for example, audio speaker system Sonos. The microJukebox is integrated with Sonos, allowing your CDs to play through it wirelessly. With a 1 Terabyte hard drive it is hard to run out of space. The ripping process itself creates high quality perfect digital copies of your music so no need to worry about sacrificing quality. There is also no need to manually rip every CD and name each file because microJukebox does that for you automatically. Its got intuitive touch control via iOS and Android and is simple to set up and use.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android apps while the microJukebox itself goes for $697. To purchase one for the holiday season just head over to microjukebox.com or Amazon today.

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