Remote Home Security

Maintaining safety and security in your home are vital and necessary steps to help protect your family. Consider these facts: a home fire happens every 80 seconds in the U.S. and there are nearly 2 million home burglaries reported each year. Protection is necessary even when away. To protect your home, your loved ones, and your possessions; check out the latest and greatest system: RemoteLync by Kidde.

The RemoteLync Monitor is a notification device that alerts you via a free app if your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm sounds in your home.  It plugs into an outlet, and uses patented technology to distinguish an alarm from background noise, reducing potential nuisance alerts. It uses your existing Wi-Fi and no additional products are needed.  It communicates with most alarm systems so it doesn’t require purchase of a new alarm system either. One device that plugs into an outlet covers the entire home, all floors included so it is small and convenient as well.

The RemoteLync Camera is battery operated, cord-less, Wi-Fi enabled, and instantly sends video to a free app when motion is detected.  It arms/disarms based on when you leave and arrive home and you can request instant video clips up to 30 seconds. You can then view and download clips in near real-time and store them for up to 12 hours for free or long-term for a minimal cost. The battery lasts around 3 months on a single charge and the magnetic base makes installation very simple.

Notifications from both the camera and monitor can be sent to multiple contacts.  The camera goes for $189, while the monitor is $99.  If you want a safe and secure wireless home; you can purchase Kidde’s RemoteLync products at The Home Depot or online at

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