Meal and Fitness Planning App

Staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems to be more and more on the top of people’s list. Numerous studies have shown that eating right and exercising regularly increases a person’s lifespan. Seeing as how the holidays are sneaking up on us, we can all use a little help with self-discipline. Check out the app InFit.

This customizable meal and fitness planning app was created by Alex Isaly, one of the top health and fitness professionals in the U.S. You start by choosing from over 60 different healthy meal plans. InFit will then provide you the first week of meals with the calculated calories to fit your goals along with a list of groceries you’ll need to buy. Because this is a customizable app you can adjust the meals to your tastes and preferences. On the fitness side of things, you enter your daily exercises and it will tell you how many calories you burned. With the ability to set target weight goals and view your progress graphically users can benefit from the app and achieve their goals. The app also sends its users weekly wellness and motivational tips.

InFit receives access to over 60 meal templates, each designed and approved by Registered Dietitians, that include specific emphases on detox and cleanses, weight loss, food sensitivity, performance, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gender specific and much more. These are helpful for the average person who doesn’t know much about what diet is a goof fit and why. InFit can also sync with any Fitbit wearable device to get a true daily caloric burn. As a bonus you can send a direct message to Alex through the app.

Prices range from $9.99 a month to a $69.99 year-long membership. The app is constantly being updated to keep a look out for new features. InFit is available for iOS devices so head over to his website to download it today.

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