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Trading and investing in financial markets has long been a lucrative way to make money. To trade regularly and consistently, however, requires a lot of research and insight, which many people lack. HiTrader helps those people. The innovative app brings a community aspect to trading by allowing traders to connect from all over the world. This enables them to predict the most probable lucrative investments for the future.

The HiTrader app has a few important features that set it apart as unique. The first is their Probability Search. This feature allows users to rank traders by percentage of chances to win their next trade. This is based on all the data gathered on that trader’s behavior in the community as well as advanced trading algorithms.  By using this system you can see what traders you want to target as your “model.”

Next is the Follow by Probability feature, which allows you to synchronize your account with the probability order of another trader. You, in essence, follow another trader and with one click can emulate their successful pattern. The feature titled “Today’s Dark Horse Forecast” sets you up to predict the next winning trade with an eye on ROI, maximum drawdown, and win ratio. Letting you track the performance of up and coming traders.

Like most successful investment apps, HiTrader has a robust risk management system. With Smart Mode they offer an innovative approach of different Lot Sizes for orders that reflects your own risk/return preference.  Once the maximum allowed loss per order is reached the trade closes to prevent any further losses.  As part of that community spirit, HiTrader follows a referral scheme whereby users who share the app with their friends can earn cash bonus.

HiTrader is available for iOS and Android devices. To test it out there is a free trial option and with ordinary membership you can start trading at $1 per trade. For those wanting to unlock all the features, a premium membership costs $29 a month and allows unlimited trades. So head to your app store and search for HiTrader to download it today.

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