Safe Nonstick Cookware

The concept of non-stick cookware is one of the greatest culinary inventions of our time. The problem is, traditional non-stick pans use dangerous chemicals to produce a non-stick surface.  However, one product in particular does not have this issue. It is called GreenPan.

This Belgian based company was the first to bring PTFE-free, ceramic-coated cookware to market, giving consumers the benefits of non-stick cooking without potentially harmful chemicals.  Through their use of Thermolon nonstick technology, they have created an environmentally friendly alternative that has transformed the cookware industry.  Unlike traditional nonstick, their products can withstand heat up to 850 degrees F without releasing harmful toxic fumes or peeling the coating of the pan.  Beyond the health-conscious aspect, this cookware is scratch-resistant and extremely easy to clean. More so, the coating provides excellent thermal conductivity allowing consumers to cook food evenly and prepare the perfect dishes, without the need for high heat.  From an environmental standpoint, Thermolon production is emits 60% less CO2 emissions which is a huge contributor to global warming, and also prevents waste by processing used materials into new ones.

“Not only does our cookware feature a healthy coating, we make non-stick pans that allow you to prepare great dishes. All the products look great and feature premium materials in a clever design. But most of all, GreenPan cookware performs! We use extra thick bases for our frypans so heat distribution is excellent and there is no deforming of the frypan. Our frypans also feature ergonomic stay-cool Bakelite or oven-safe stainless steel handles for great handling and convenience. Also, theThermolon™ ceramic non-stick coating allows the pan to release great flavor and they are super easy to clean!”

Since launching in 2007 GreenPan has become a go-to product for the kitchen.  Their products are currently available in major retailers including Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, Amazon and others. Visit these stores or to shop today.

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