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Who else is ready for the newest installment of the Star Wars franchise? The Force Awakens is coming so soon and as anticipation and excitement levels get higher and higher the question on everyone’s mind is this: how can one show that they are the ultimate Star Wars fan? Oxygenics may have come up with the answer and we were lucky enough to find it!

Here’s something you don’t usually hear mentioned in the same sentence: Star Wars and taking a shower. Oxygenics who makes high performance shower heads, has released two Star Wars-themed shower heads with the upcoming Star Wars installment.

Oxygenics has been making high performance shower heads for over 30 years that use low amounts of water, saving people money on their water and energy bills. Their system employs oxygen to pump out water at high pressure while using less water, but you’d never notice because the pressure actually feels stronger compared to other shower heads. Star Wars-themed shower heads were released with the upcoming installment in the Star Wars franchise.

The Darth Vader head is hand-held with a nonslip rubber grip that prevents slipping or dropping. It also has a lever that allows you to reduce the force of the water. Then there’s the R2-D2 fixed shower head which has the same three spray settings as Darth Vader. Both used the patented Oxygenics technology to conserve water without sacrificing performance.

With The Force Awakens coming out in a few short weeks what better way to celebrate than getting your resident Jedi or Sith Lord a Star Wars shower head? This is the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan that has everything or even the Star Wars fan that needs one more way to express their love of The Force.

The Darth Vader head goes for $29.99 while R2-D2 goes for $24.99. You can pick them both up either online or in-store at and Bed, Bath and Beyond and Menards.

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