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Communication and speech are some of the most basic functions that a child develops at an early age. For parents it’s sometimes hard to objectively view their own child’s speech and communication development.  So, if parents have any questions or concerns about their child’s speech development or if they want to know if their child is right where they should be, they should check out the app ITSELF :P.

ITSELF:P was developed by Speech Pathologist Dr. Sandiford as a way for parents to screen their child to see how their speech compared to other children of the same age.  All parents need to do is download the app and click on the area that they think their child might be falling behind in.  These can include articulation, pragmatics, stuttering, receptive language and expressive language.  They then see habits their child currently has, things like – establishing eye contact, smiling socially, saying “hi” “bye” and “please,” and many more. For each developmental area  there are a variety of behaviors listed to understand your child’s development a little better in comparison to the average. After they click submit, they’ll receive the results right there and then.  If at any point the parent has chosen too many risk factors the app will recommend they go to a speech therapist for further screening. This feature ensures that no child is misdiagnosed and that the parents can seek the correct guidance moving forward.

This app is not a substitute for medical advice but is a helpful step for parents and children before formally consulting a therapist. The ITSELF:P app is only 99 cents for iOS devices and right now if a user leaves a review or likes the app on Facebook they’ll get a free e-mail consultation for up to a month.  Head to the App store to download ITSELF:P today.

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