Electronic Ink Used Everywhere

We, here at NewsWatch are always curious about how things work and how technology is used to make our lives easier or more efficient. How does a smart watch display come out so clear on such a small screen? How does an e-reader function? Can travel be more efficient (this question came after we had spent a full 24 hours trying to just get to CES)? Well, people are trying to answer these questions and problems with new inventions and new applications for current technology. One company that we came upon at CES this year was E Ink Corp. and they actually have the answers to a lot of our questions all using their Electronic Ink technology.

Do you know what Electronic Ink is? Probably not. Electronic Ink is the technology that enables electronic paper displays. And if you’re still confused, it’s how you can read from your e-reader. But this technology isn’t just used in eReaders, there are many unique consumer and commercial products that use this technology. E Ink is here to tell us all about what they’re doing with this tech.

“E Ink is used in many products like mobile devices, smart watches, and even electronic shelf labels that are used in stores for pricing information.”

In the coming year, E Ink Corp. is introducing a host of new products for something totally unique.

“There are a number of products that will be announced this year that use E Ink technology. One of them that we are excited about is this remote luggage built with an integrated tag system into it. It actually speeds your luggage check in so you can do it from home, speed your way through the airport, and it’s actually more efficient for the airlines to use this solution.”

If you’re interested in learning more about E Ink Corp., head to http://eink.com/ today.

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