Protect Your Building From the Elements

One of the many problems – but also one of the more expensive ones that building owners run into is moisture seeping into a structure and causing damage.  To prevent this and other problems, NewsWatch checked out VaproShield membranes.

VaproShield is a company that designs and manufactures water resistant, vapor permeable, breathable air barrier systems that prevent outside moisture and air from seeping through and wrecking your property.  These breathable membrane systems are installed in walls and work much like the popular GORE-TEX fabric.  GORE-TEX allows moisture to escape, keeping you dry.  At the same time it also keeps out liquid water.  Buildings need the same type of system, they need to breathe and keep liquid water out and control air flow.

To help solve this, VaproShield’s most popular product is WrapShield Self-Adhered.   As the title suggests it self-adheres to a building substrate with no primer and no complicated installation. As well as zero VOC’s, low temperature applications, high temperature resistance, tear resistance, and a 20 year warranty. It is also fire rated, passes ASTM 2357, is ABAA approved as an air barrier, and contributes to LEED points. Beyond its ability to cut down on moisture and mold growth, it also cuts down on energy waste by controlling air infiltration. So imagine that you can heat and cool a building without air seeping out. With it’s self-adhered surface, it also cuts down on time and labor and as we all know, time is money especially in construction. Beyond that, Vaproshield is surprisingly cost effective as well.

If you would like to check them out in person, they will be in a booth at Buildex Vancouver from February 24-25th at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. Or to see what VaproShield products are right for you and your building, head over to their website today.

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