Speak Any Language Through An App

The idea of learning another language is appealing to most people. However, often people are deterred by the amount of time, dedication, and money it takes to learn a completely new language. A new app called HelloPal came up with a solution to this. It will have you talking to someone in a foreign language in a matter of minutes, even if you’ve never spoken a word of it before. It takes away from the expensive and boring experience of learning a new language in a classroom and adds an element of fun.

HelloPal uses phrasebooks built right into the app’s chat messaging system. Available in every major language, the phrasebooks are extremely simple to use.  All you have to do is find the phrase you want, listen to it and then repeat it.  Using HelloPal’s partner matching system you can connect with people all over the world without the barrier of not knowing their language.  That is the intriguing part of the app. It’s based learning practices on talking and interaction with real people around the world. To find someone just search for those people by age, gender, the language you’re learning, their location and so on.  When you start a new chat, choose the language, find the phrase you want, listen to the guide audio, then record yourself saying it and press send. The phrases also come with literal translations and comments where appropriate, enabling you to have a much deeper understanding of what you’re saying, and revealing sentence structure and grammar.

Not only will these help you learn the language faster, but they will often also give you an insight into the culture behind the language! This social language-learning app teaches you a new language but it also helps you build relationships and friendships along the way that you never would’ve had the chance to make without the help of HelloPal.

It’s been said the best way to learn a new language is by speaking it to people and that’s exactly what HelloPal let’s you do.  The whole idea is to bring the world just a little bit closer. Their hope and goal is to foster understanding and tolerance between all citizens of the world. It’s a completely free app without even so much as an in-app purchase.  HelloPal is available for Android. Head to Google Play or hellopal.com today to download it.

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