Wireless Camera Control

As technology continues to advance so have the tools with which we capture the world around us. Professional photographers have been blessed with ways to make capturing the perfect image, a cinch.  This next product is yet another advance, created in answer to a demand by pro photographers. It’s called CamFi.  CamFi is a wireless camera controller that allows you to easily snap and transmit photos with your DSLR camera from afar using only your phone, tablet or computer.  You can even adjust the camera’s settings from a distance with CamFi, so no worrying about getting in position and then readjusting.   Beyond just being able to remotely capture the image, this easy-to-use device transmits the raw photo directly to the phone, tablet or computer you’re using for immediate viewing in less than two seconds.  You can then download the photos right then and there or share them directly to Twitter or Facebook.

CamFi has a ton of other great features such as support to download the original raw format photo files. You can then, use your favorite editor to process the raw file on your tablet easily. Raw files are always large. It can take tens of seconds to transfer a raw file via WiFi.With the SmartView feature, it only takes 5 seconds to view a raw file. With the windows client software of CamFi, you can print the photos instantly after they are captured. CamFi application can be installed on a small Android TV stick or Android TV box. Now you can use TV set to be your viewfinder and photo player.

It works perfectly for self-portraits or in those hard to-get-to spaces that won’t allow for the camera and your body.  And Cam-fi updates its software automatically so you have even more features to play with.  CamFi is available for $145. To pick one up head tocam-fi.com or Amazon today.

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