Making The Internet Safe

You might be used to search engines like Google and Bing but if GOFBA has anything to say you’ll be using another more secure search engine very soon.  GOFBA is basically a safe alternative to Google. While Google will give you millions of search results that include everything from the light and fluffy to obscene material, GOFBA heads in another direction.  Gofba search results exclude inappropriate material like violence and pornography and you’ll find search results strictly related to what you’re looking for. Not to mention, they don’t track users or save search histories.  Plus everything you do through Gofba is encrypted and free.  That includes using their chat feature, e-mail, and vault, which allows 10 Gigabytes of secure storage.  The chaotic and sometimes disturbing & dangerous elements of the internet are replaced with ‘peace of mind’ and ‘comfort’, making GOFBA ideal for you, your business, your kids, schools, churches, government… everyone!

The chat and email element of this website alone are worth taking a look at especially for parents of teens and younger kids who want to chat with their friends and classmates. This is a great way to ensure that they stay safe and have fun at the same time. Teens already love the features that GOFBA offers. They currently have over 40 million users and that number is growing exponentially!

The simple and sleek look of their homepage ensures an ease of use that you cannot find in your average search engine or social platform, let alone a website that encompasses both. GOFBA also aggregates your news feed into one page so you can check out the top stories of the day in a simple view.

So keep an eye on GOFBA because they’re going places. To start using it today go to where safe is the new search.

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