Interactive Exercise App and Pod

If you’re interested in muscle strength training for sports, bodybuilding or just to look and feel good then pay attention to this product.  Mpower works with your muscles to get the results you want by removing the mystery from working out.

It’s a small pod that attaches to any muscle on your body with a strap or adhesive.  It then measures a specific muscle or up to four muscles at one time. It does this by using state-of-the-art sEMG signal analysis, which allows Mpower to measure the electrical signals your muscles produce during training. It can measure fast and slow muscle fibers and detect fatigue. By doing this it can inform you how effectively your training and specific exercises activate your muscles – and especially your fast muscle fibers that are needed for speed and maximum strength and growth of muscle.  This also allows you then to observe the impact and progress of your training in numbers rather than in the mirror. These number results can help motivate you to pursue higher goals even when you can’t see physical results. Everyone can benefit from strength training and Mpower’s mission is to inform and help athletes to understand their bodies and train in a healthy way that will build the most possible strength.

Their website says it best: “We are a company passionate about sports and how strength training can change how strong, fast and healthy people are. Our aim is to develop the Mpower strength trainer so that people can understand what’s happening in their muscles when they train – and be strong.

All you need to do is strap on the Mpower and start up the accompanying app. Use the app to plan, track and record your workouts so you can see what’s working or not. So to track your workouts and get more analysis into your conditioning, go to

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