The Human Centric Lighting System

When you think of the design of hospitals, schools, and office buildings you don’t usually think about the lighting system playing a large part in the mood and feel of the space.

But a company called Samjin hopes to change that.  Samjin LED offers a human centric lighting system that can be tuned to different colors and settings dependent on the preferred vibe of a space.  You can dim the lights, lessen the warmth or change the color in seconds.  And with a wireless installation, you don’t have to spend too much time or labor costs switching from your current system to their lights.  But beyond its features and easy installation, its most impressive quality is its energy savings. LED lighting can slash your energy bill as much as 80% percent, saving tons of money.  Numerous hospitals and large government offices have already adopted the Samjin LED system.  In offices they’ve reported decreased absentees and increased overall employee satisfaction.  Right now they offer many types of different light fixtures geared towards office spaces.

In their words “Samjin’s office lighting systems are designed to implement Task Ambient Lighting Design Strategy.  Task-ambient lighting refers to designs in which a general ambient lighting system is supplemented with localized task lighting systems. Task-ambient design delivers dramatic reduction in energy usage, because higher light levels are provided for the print based task areas only. For example, in a task-ambient design, lighting fixtures might be concentrated primarily over work areas, while an indirect lighting system provides relatively low levels of general (ambient) illuminance. Thus, when compared to a typical lighting layout, which usually rely on a general lighting system for all areas, the average light level for the room may be lower, and the number of ambient lighting fixtures can be significantly reduced. This design strategy usually requires professional design service to insure that luminaires are correctly located to produce the lighting level and quality necessary for performing visual tasks at the needed locations.”

To find out more and to see if you can install the Samjin LED system in your space visit today.

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One Response to The Human Centric Lighting System

  1. Sheri de Grom says:

    If this lighting could be used in hospitals I see specific advantages for reducing delirum, panic and many other troublesome areas. The joys of a new birth is a thought.

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