All Your Streaming In One

Streaming video sites are becoming increasingly popular these days. With a new platform seeming to pop up every other week it’s hard to stay on top of it all or stay organized.  The app PlayOn has found a unique angle.

This PC app allows you to aggregate all your various streaming subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu into one easy-to-use interface on your PC.  Once installed PlayOn uses your home network to stream through any streaming device you have connected to your TV – like a Roku, Chromecast or gaming console.  Beyond that, PlayOn allows you to record anything from your streaming services, from movies to entire show series.  These recordings are automatically saved to your computer as an MP4, which is great because you can watch them on any device, like your ipad or tablet without needing internet.  And with your recordings, you have the option to automatically skip all the ads.  Additionally, you don’t have to be at your computer to record content, you can set a subscription to automatically record any new episodes as soon as they are released.  PlayOn also lets you add your local media and watch it on any device. This ranges from home videos, music, movies, to photos and enables you to watch from anywhere and anytime. PlayOn is affordable, convenient, and efficient.

“All your favorite TV shows, music and movies are organized under one roof. It’s never been easier to watch what you want now. You’re just one click away from watching any show from any streaming site on your PC, TV, tablet, or mobile device. Upgrade to record streaming video so you can watch anytime anywhere on any device. Skip the ads on playback with AdSkip.”

To download and install PlayOn for free head to and be sure to download the free accompanying apps on iOS and Android devices.

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