Wearable, Interactive Posture Training

With advances in technology like tablets and smartphones we’ve seen certain problems arise. One such problem is Gameboy disease. Gameboy disease is a common problem among kids between 8 and 18.  It has symptoms like poor posture, neck pain, back pain, headaches and vision problems. It can even lead to obesity, herniated disks and high blood pressure.  These complications can result in significant disability in early adulthood and later life. A new product is being developed with a solution to this problem. Medical Wearable Solutions is developing a product called EyeForcer. They’ve come to CES to highlight their product.

The disease is visible in children age 8-18.  Prevention can start at age 3.  In children Bone responds in the same way as wood.  If you force it in a certain direction over a prolonged period, it will grow in that direction.

EyeForcer consists of glassless frames that are worn on the face.  After installing the accompanying app on the device being used, EyeForcer goes into action.  When the child’s head drops below 20 degrees a warning is sent to the app so the child can be corrected. The glasses are able to detect when the child is slouching or sitting and whether or not it is a position that could potentially hard their physical development over time. If the child ignores the warnings then the app can shut down the game. And based on the number of warnings, the app can increase or decrease playing time. By controlling the game in this way EyeForcer promotes safe and proper use of electronics for kids. The product can be used by kids as young as 3 years old to prevent the possible onslaught of Gameboy Disease before it happens. Parents can log into the app using a password so they can create settings like how long the child can play and even what apps they can access.

For more information on EyeForcer go to MedicalWearableSolutions.com.

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