Revolutionary 3D Printer

For years 3D printing has been relegated to corporations who make large models with massive 3D printers. There’s been very little in the way of desktop 3D printers for the “everyday man. Well, DWS has sought to change that. This year at CES they launched their highly anticipated XFAB. This laser-based consumer-friendly 3D printer is unparalleled in today’s market when it comes to printing speed, accuracy, and quality.  But where it gets really competitive is in the pricing.  Instead of being something bought only by large businesses, the pricing is consumer-based making it feasible to be used as a desktop 3D printer.  But just because it sits on a desk doesn’t mean it can’t compete in terms of build size.  It can build items 80% larger and its material range is the most complete of any other personal 3D printer on the market today. We checked them out at CES and can say with absolute certainty – this printer is awesome.

The XFAB brings other great features to the table like USB plug and play capabilities,and patented grooved building platform with easy removal tool, patented TTT system (Tank Translation System), increased cartridge life to allow for large model building, patented temperature material control, and BlueEdge® laser, the requires no calibrations, no maintenance. It also uses the same technology of professional DWS printers, has a cylindrical working area, 80% more building volume than conventional 3D printers, high resolution like professional 3D printers, minimum feature size of 250 microns, high resolution on the Z axis: 10 microns layer thickness, and compact design for a desktop use. These features combine to create a user friendly and effective 3D printer at an affordable price point.

Now, the XFAB is available for $5,000 with material cartridges starting at $50 per set of 2. For more info or to order an XFAB head over to today.

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