The Discreet Breast Pump

CES was full of innovative technology that appeals to tons of different demographics. New moms or expecting moms were not overlooked. In fact, we found an entire baby section but one new invention stood out from the rest. Most new moms want to breastfeed, but nearly 90% of working women stop breastfeeding earlier than they planned.  Freemie cups are a new product that is changing the game for working moms globally. These innovative breast pumps allow women to pump with their shirt on. We caught up with Freemie’s founders in the BabyTech hall at CES.

“In the world we live in, most women have to go back to work. And using a breast pump at work, where they have to pump two or three times a day, thirty to forty five minutes at a crack is a lot of work. Almost 90% of women give up breastfeeding sooner than they had planned when they go back to work because it’s too hard to use a breast pump. So, with our innovation, the Freemie cups, we just focused on trying to make it easier for women to use a breast pump at work.”

Now women can pump when they need to, where they need to.

“So, we’ve designed these cups and we’re working on making them compatible to work with every single breast pump on the market. So, if a woman already has a breast pump she doesn’t have to spend a fortune to be able to use that pump where she needs to, when she needs to.”

“We are striving to advance breastfeeding by making the breast pump compatible with modern life. At our core, we believe pumping should be easier for moms. We understand that a great need is not being met, and this is our calling.”

If you’re a new or expecting mother or you know someone who is, head to to learn more about the right Freemie set up for you, today.

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