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There are speakers and headphones for any need, but we can’t help but love the high end audio and tech equipment we find at CES.  One company that we stumbled upon is Crystal Cable. They use high quality materials to create high end cables, speakers, and other electronics.

“Cables is a very specific product in our audio. Many people think that it is not so important, but it is one of the most important things. It is connecting electronics to the speakers, so, transferring the music, and our main goal is to present music, closest to live music. Arabesque Minissimo is the first model of these speakers, it’s on the market now for more than a year. We decided to take it to a higher level using now a real diamond tweeter which is the most accurate reproducer for high frequencies. We also applied monocrystal wiring inside and improved the crossover as well. The main thing for me, I used to be a musician, so the main thing for me is making a hi-fi products, transferring the music as live as possible and having an aesthetic design which fits in each interior.”

Crystal Cable’s speakers, like the Arabesque Minissimo and the Minissimo Diamond, not only excel in the acoustics department but they’re good looking.

“As the name suggests, Crystal Cable started by creating and manufacturing radical new cable designs, exploiting the unique metallurgy developed by sister company Siltech. But those designs soon developed a life and reputation of their own, rapidly evolving and stretching the performance envelope, winning multiple high-end audio awards around the globe. Yet, just as technology can stretch performance, so it can broaden applications. The powerful instrumentation and CAD tools that helped develop those world-beating cables also created the stunning Crystal Cable loudspeakers. Their striking shape and structure isn’t just about looks, it’s fundamental to their performance. The cables inside them, even inside the crossover, use our superb conductors and technology. Combine that knowledge and experience and you have products that perform brilliantly, that used as a system are greater than the sum of the parts. The Crystal Cable product families – bringing music to your ears.”

If you want to purchase a speaker or another electronic device from Crystal Cable, head to Plurison.com, audioplusservices.com or crystalcable.com.

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