The Way Wireless Music Should Sound

To hear music at the highest level requires a couple of factors. One, that the vessel being used, AKA the speaker, and two, that the sound file itself is high quality.

Here at CES they’re featuring the super Hi-Fi wireless speaker system, Bluesound.

This smart music system allows you to play music through a series of wirelessly connected speakers placed throughout the house.  The Bluesound speakers sync up to play the same song but can also be set to have a different song playing in every room of the house.  The high-res audio is beyond compare with other smart speaker systems on the market.  Now to solve the second issue, the sound file itself…

MQA is a new technology that delivers a listening experience as close to the artist’s original performance as possible. To do this they take the original master recording of the song and put it through their encapsulation process to preserve all the nuances of the sounds.  It can then be streamed or downloaded. This is the way that music is supposed to sound. In their own words “Our hearing is incredibly adept at determining where a sound is coming from. As sounds reach us, microseconds apart, our brains build a 3D sonic ‘picture’. It’s this same capability that allows us to position the individual instruments by their sound at a live performance. It’s also why live music feels so powerful and emotive, and why recorded music often feels flat in comparison. MQA IS THE FIRST TECHNOLOGY TO CAPTURE THIS CRUCIAL TIMING INFORMATION – TO TRANSPORT YOU TO THE ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE.”

Bluesound and MQA work hand in hand to deliver the highest quality sounds imaginable.  Bluesound goes for $299 while MQA will be announcing their streaming partners in the near future.

For more information, go to and today.

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