3D Circuit Board Printing

It’s not often that we think of the complexity and genius that goes into creating the devices and electronics that we use every day. If we were to open any of these we would find complex circuit boards that took lots of money and effort to create. BotFactory is a company founded by two students and an NYU professor with the vision to create a product to simplify Electronics Fabrication forever and it’s called Squink.

Squink is in essence a desktop electronics factory. Almost like a 3D printer but for circuit boards. It combines a conductive ink printer and a pick-and-place system so you can create a prototype circuit board in a matter of minutes instead of the usual weeks. It also shrinks fabrication costs than normally range around $250 to a much cheaoer $5. Squink is a plug-and-play device – you pull it out of the box and begin printing right away. It’s powerful enough that Fortune 500 companies can quickly innovate new products, but simple enough that any student can learn the skills they need to invent their own. It’s even a possibility that you may have seen one in a Research Lab, your school or workplace.

The product uses three interchangeable heads for the functions of print, glue, and pick-and-place. The process is simple. Using the inkjet printhead and its low resistivity conductive ink, fabricate circuit traces in just a few minutes on a variety of stiff and flexible substrates by uploading image files into the printers web interface. Then, use the Extruder toolhead to, lay down solder paste or conductive glue on printed or pre-fab boards in minutes. Squink diminishes the problem of shaky hands so you can get perfect circuits every time. Lastly, design and drag-and-drop your file into their web-based software, place your components in the tray and Squink’s pick-and-place feature will put every part in the right spot.

You can buy the full Squink package for $2999, which is a good deal when you think of how much money you’re saving on circuit fabrication. Head to botfactory.co today for more information.

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