Grow Your Own Garden

Building a garden in the backyard seems like a good idea on paper but once you start the actual building process certain complexities become evident.  I mean if you just look at the amount of products out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Just try and make decisions about your soil, your compost, nutrients, fertilizer, natural or synthetic, organic, non-GMO, soil depth – the list goes on and on.  Now enter Anew Green and their easy-to-use Seed Pacs.  Anew Green Seed Pacs remove the complexity and give you the best chance to grow a rich and successful garden.

Their website says it best: “Anew Green’s patent pending Seed Pacs are an environmental growing solution for Residential and Commercial applications developed to make planting easy! Each package contains what you need to start growing. By utilizing the latest developments and high quality materials, our Pacs give seeds the best opportunity to grow, producing great results in a variety of soil conditions. Just drop these water-soluble Seed Pacs, premixed with everything needed to start seed germination, and grow away!”

Anew Green says that these seed pacs are the best thing for your garden, but what exactly are they made out of? We looked into that too and found that the contents are as follows:

  • BioChar – composed of pyrolyzed wood from clean and renewable local sources
  • Humate – which is useful in releasing locked minerals within soil for better plant fertilization; and, as with all the Anew Green products it has been tested with a high quality, content analysis and is local sourced
  • Compost – a combination of aged and sterilized diary, equine and woody biomass
  • Mulch – sterilized and from local and renewable sources
  • Seeds – Anew Green ensures that there is always an appropriate amount of seeds of each variety are included in each pac

For more information on planting your own gorgeous garden visit the Anew Green website at

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