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Despite everyone owning a mobile device these days, somehow 4 out of 5 American small businesses still don’t have a mobile optimized website. If you’re one of those businesses, or you need a new fresh face for your website, you should check out the app Que.

Que is a simple and fast app for creating fantastic websites that look great on any device. If you’ve ever been involved in the process of creating a website, then you know it’s no walk in the park. It’s a pretty frustrating process with a million technical and design hurdles. Que takes all of the headaches out of the process and turns it into a fun and creative exercise. This is made possible by the use of Que cards. These cards, made up of posters, slideshows, maps, and galleries, are assembled into the visual narrative you want to tell. And each card is customizable so you’re not stuck with a basic template. It’s free to build and share with friends and when you decide to go live you have the option of a free or paid plan.

The benefits that a mobile friendly website offer are so expansive that your company almost cannot function in today’s world without one. However, chances are that if you haven’t created one already it is because the process seems daunting and the know-how seems out of your scope. This is where Que makes the difference, they ensure an easy and user friendly process that virtually anyone can master and utilize. In their own words: “Que lets you focus on your site’s message. Now, even absolute beginners can create stunning web sites without having to learn new techniques.”

Que is available on iOS devices. To unlock the amazing potential of your business and your online traffic; head over to the app store and download it today or their website

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