Beautiful Music App for Kids

This next app skews a little bit younger. Now parents know that it’s a constant search to find the right child-appropriate content to keep their little ones engaged. Here’s a great app that can help capture your child’s imagination.

The Animals’ Carols app features beautiful illustrations of animals that are brought to life through 3D gyroscopic effects and entrancing orchestral songs. 3D gyroscopic apps are all the rage these days and The Animals’ Carols does its part to take full advantage of this technology. Turn your device in various directions to make it come to life. Each of the carols illustrates the animals present at the manger at the birth of Jesus. The carols are sung by a choir of children and represent the voices of the animals telling their own story, inviting your child to see life and nature from the animals’ point of view. Children have a natural affinity with animals which is what makes this app so engaging. Currently there are four carols in the app with more on their way. Through joyous song and classically drawn illustrations children are sure to love this one.

In their own words: “It has stunning classical illustrations with added interactions on the screen, and is set to the beautiful poems by Jules Cashford. It is a glorious and unequaled experience for children and their parents to hear the voices of the animals at Christmas time and beyond.”

For children to get the maximum experience from the app, they recommend using headphones and/or audio speakers. The interactive effects are enabled by finger tapping on the screen, which makes this an app that most children will be able to navigate easily with minimum parental assistance. The parent-approved content also allows parents to rest at ease when their children are playing.

For more information and to download the app visit their website at:

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