Professional Water Treatment

If you’re experiencing red rust in your water supply or heating and cooling pipes or if you’re paying sky-high maintenance costs due to leaks or pipe work replacement, then you’ll want to pay close attention. The solution lies in a product called the NMR Pipetector.

The NMR Pipetector is an anti-corrosion device that works wonders with water pipes by stopping internal development of red rust. It works to convert red rust to magnetite or black rust, thus extending the lifetime of your water pipes by more than 40 years. At the same time, it works to eliminate algae and single cell bacteria. The alternative is to completely replace your pipes, which requires turning off the water for an extended period of time and forking out a large sum of money. The NMR Corporation created the Pipetector product as a safe but effective alternative that costs about 1/10th of what it would cost to replace the pipes. It’s good for domestic hot & cold as well as hot & chilled central heating and cooling systems.  Users no longer have to worry about clogged valves or damaged screw threads. Since this isn’t a magnet product, it requires simple installation that is completely maintenance free with a 10-year warranty to boot. This is the only product in the world that is used with NMR technology, so there have been over 3,300 successful installations of the Pipetector including in the Palace of Westminster in London.  The NMR Corporation aims for its products to supply high quality environmental protection equipment to society.

Some great features of NMR include: complete stop of internal development of red-rust, conversion of existing internal Red Rust to Magnetite ( Black Rust ) and provides complete protection to all the pipe work, AND it extends life time of water pipe work more than 40 years.

To find out more about it go to today.

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