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Next, let’s start by being honest with one another. We’re all gamers at heart. Whether you game on your PC or mobile device, you’re a gamer. So check out LeKool Games. With 4 million gamers and counting, LeKool is fast becoming a popular site for addictive and fun games. They offer an original gaming experience created and developed right on their site.

Popular games include the following popular games:

  • Odin Quest: a browser-based online ARPG game. The story is based on Nordic mythology (which we are all a little more familiar with after the Thor movies). The amazing visuals give the players an incredible experience fighting their way through dungeons and the magical world of Odin.
  • Crystal Saga: a MMORPG game that contains an immense virtual world to encapsulate and bring to life the captivating and immersive storyline.
  • Call of Gods: an amazing browser-based online multiplayer game that gives a whole new look and feel to the city-building games we are all familiar with but that can get repetitive.
  • Seigelord: a medieval strategy based game where you can choose your faction and fight to claim the throne!
  • King of Towers: a captivating game of orcs and humans fighting together against the other dangers that lie in wait for them.
  • and much more….

Most of their games are multiplayer, allowing you to play with gamers from all over the world. LeKool even hosts events to keep gameplay interesting and allow you to engage with the community. Now you’re probably thinking, based off all of the content that they offer, this is going to be expensive, huh?  Nope. All games are free to play with premium items available for purchase. Which explains why LeKool Games was awarded with “The Company with Most Potential” at the 2nd China Original Web Game Summit.

You can register to play games and get started by going to lekoolgames.com today.

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