Location Based Tracking For Your Fleet

Companies that own and operate entire fleets of vehicles, trailers, and other equipment have a lot to monitor and keep track of. Without the proper software the whole operation can get somewhat cumbersome. That’s where GPSTrackIt comes in.

GPSTrackIt is a robust and adaptable Fleet Management Software. Under one web app you can track your entire fleet with location-based vehicle tracking so you never lose sight of your assets. Their tracking and asset protection devices are used to schedule maintenance alerts, track engine hours, and start or disable vehicles remotely. The idea is to keep your fleet under your control at all times. It goes a step further by providing its users with tangible data-like time sheets for trip times, vehicle movement history, color coded vehicle status, idle times and a lot more. GPSTrackIt increases driver productivity as well. Normally, drivers lose around 4.5 hours of productivity due to lack of efficiency in software and management. This product also reduces drive time by around 50% allowing the company to serve many more customers and bring in a higher profit and more customer satisfaction. Coincidentally it also reduces fuel costs by monitoring engine idling and vehicle speed. To re-iterate another vital feature of GPSTrackIt is its protection of assets. Over 700,000 stolen vehicles in this industry have not been recovered. This problem is averted with the use of GPSTrackIt. The tracking system is accessible through both tablet and smartphone with instant alerts via text and/or email making it all the more versatile.

In case you have any doubt, this product offers a 30-day money back guarantee with no outrageous cancellation fees. This software will help you become compliant with the forthcoming electronic logging device ELD rule, saving on future headaches when the mandate is enforced. For more info on GPSTrackIt and to find out how to get started with the software head over to gpstrackit.com today.

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