Immersive Home Theater Experience

With the quality of home theaters today it’s hard to imagine that the viewing experience could get much better. A new product, called DreamScreen is challenging that very claim. The DreamScreen TV light kit connects through HDMI and instantly brightens the picture, softens the image, and extends the size of your screen.

Here’s how it works: The Video Mode is responsive to the color pixels on your screen at 60 frames a second. This effect creates a new immersive home theater experience that makes your TV bigger and actually softens the picture on your eyes. To further DreamScreen’s individuality, it does more than just enhance your viewing. It also has a Music Mode where the LED lights bounce and react to the beats of your music creating a visual light show, using an audio visualizer. More so, it has an Ambient Lighting Mode, which doesn’t require your screen at all. In this mode, the DreamScreen users can select the color and brightness behind the actual screen. This then sets an ambiance and adjusts the Brightness of its users mood. All these features are controlled via Bluetooth on the free DreamScreen TV App. Dreamscape can be used for a variety of TV uses but one of the more enjoyed methods of employing these features are with interactive video games. Responsive television lighting enhances the game, stretches the picture, and makes any game more reactive and fun to play.

DreamScreen is currently running a kickstarter campaign and you can head over to their page to support them and get your own DreamScreen setup, don’t wait to get yourown home theater experience started!

DreamScreen comes with an HDMI cord, a set of LED light strings, and a power supply and splitter for the HDMI and USB cables. To learn more about this exciting new technology visit today.

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