Business Map Confirmation

Mobile devices offer a convenience that has almost become a necessity in this day and age. Recent studies show that 51% of time spent on the internet is through a mobile device. Convergent Mobile works to elevate communication and efficiency through a variety of innovative mobile solutions. Their newest product is their business listing and management system, the LBL Pro V2.0.

The LBL Pro V2.0 is a centralized dashboard that can claim, update and manage business listing info. While this service is not unique, a new feature is. The new feature, PlotMe, allows local businesses to identify map coordinates of their business entrance in a web app. The coordinates are then verified and included in the distribution of their business data online. In essence, it allows search engines to know exactly where businesses are on a map.  Furthermore, it allows the capture of a current storefront photo. This is ideal for SEO purposes and for businesses in new locations. This puts info garnered from a search result more in the control of the business owner. A potential customer will see what the company wants them to see. This is particularly important to business locations that have struggled with resolving differences between an actual business entrance and a mailing address. Any business owner, large or small, can understand the value of this new feature. It effects the efficiency of the day-to-day operations of any company from minimizing calls from lost clients and mail deliveries to discoverability for those walk in customers who may have looked up the business on their phone.

“Convergent Mobile lets you accelerate communications…
… creating new efficiencies that build

competitive advantage”

Plot me is a free new feature if you use LBL Pro – and if you don’t its available for only a dollar or two. So head over to to check out their new PlotMe feature.

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