High Quality Headphones

It is always a good feeling when you find a pair of high-quality headphones with superb output that don’t sacrifice comfort. If you care about acquiring solid headphones, then this product is for you. Tattoo Audio has a new product is the “World’s first” premium headphone with an integrated smart watch.

TA-800 premium from Tattoo Audio combines wireless on-earphones and dual-concealed, noise-canceling microphones. Beyond just being a solid pair of headphones the TA-800 has a set of features that raise it above the pack. It’s the first ever tri-connection headphone. Meaning it can connect to the integrated smartwatch, your smartphone or any other smart device like a tablet. The integrated smartwatch rests right in the docking station at the top of the headphones. When it’s not docked, the smartwatch allows you to read texts, check notifications and accept calls via push technology right from your wrist. It is also compatible with the headphones so you can hear any alerts or notifications right through them. If you want to set the headphones down, whatever you’re listening to will stop playing and when you pick them up again it will pick back up from where the song left off. This allows the headphones to conserve power resources through a form of automatic hibernation. It also has an integrated On/Off button to the ear-cups in order to provide access to the intelligent sensor if you’re ever watching a movie or listening to music lying down.

This product is collapsible for easy storage and travel convenience as well as like most gadgets these days, TA-800 Premium Wireless On-Ear Headphone set is Bluetooth enabled. However, it is a step up from most Bluetooth enabled devices because it has NFC or Near Field Communication which is a technology that makes it easy and fast to configure without the hassle of having to manually re-pair your Bluetooth headset.

To learn more about Tattoo Audio and to pre-order the TA-800 right now for $329.99 visit their website at tattooaudio.com.

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