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Every now and then companies stand out; those companies are ones that are leading the way or are models of excellence in their field.  One such company is the CAACI.

CAACI stands for The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands. They are the statutory body whose primary roles include regulatory oversight for technical, safety and economic matters.  Because the Cayman Islands’ legal system is highly regarded along with their leading financial jurisdictions and stable political environment, this becomes a key attraction for people looking to register their assets. The jurisdiction is also considered very progressive with recent implementation of legislation like the Cape Town Convention.

The CAACI has a strong reputation for providing a safe, stable and credible flag for registration of a civil aircraft.  Their standards and specifications are rigid to qualify to register but this has resulted in a high degree of respect and recognition throughout the international aviation industry.  They are subject to review by the UK and have consistently been found to possess the highest standards in civil aviation safety oversight.  While they hold high standards they also tend to be very client and service focused. The CAACI prides itself on serving a very global audience with aircraft domiciled or operated in many countries around the world.

On top of that, who could ask for a more luxurious and beautiful backdrop for their company? The Cayman Islands are located south of Cuba in the Atlantic Ocean and are home to a number of gorgeous beaches and resorts.

To find out more about the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands head over

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