A Computer Server with Real Power

When you think of computers or computer servers you probably think of your desktop computer at home, or maybe you think of a server that supports a couple of computers that you have in your home office. While those are all well and good for your small home office, sometimes it is absolutely necessary to have a computer server that has real power. That’s where CocoLink’s Klimax-210 comes in.

High performance computing (HPC) is currently changing the world of technology drastically. HPC is used in a variety of industries such as: commercial, academic, military, security, health, and space. All of these industries, as well as anyone that needs a very fast personal system with no clustering could benefit from using CocoLink’s Klimax-210’s advanced technology. CocoLink’s Klimax-210 is immensely innovative while also being highly efficient and fast. It is also much easier to use than existing GPU accelerating computing with P2P function. The Klimax-210 completely cuts out the need to have multiple servers which is what most companies typically end up doing, unknowing that they will end up losing money as well as overall efficiency in the process.

Amazingly, you are able to equip CocoLink’s Klimax-210 with up to 20 GPU accelerators. That is a whole lot of power! With constant improvements being made, CocoLink’s Klimax-210 will always stay far ahead of the technical curve with advancements.

CocoLink’s Klimax-210 is definitely something that will fit and satisfy your super-computing needs. Right now, CocoLink’s Klimax-210 operates best with the Linux operating system, but it also works with the current Windows operating system. CocoLink’s Klimax-210 is a top notch of system integration, is quickly and surely landing at the top spot of the closest technology that supports Exa-Scale system. If you want to find out more about the Klimax-210 you can go to cocolink.co.kr today.

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