The Only Video-Editing App You Need

Cameras have never been as accessible as they are today. With cameras built into any and all mobile devices we’ve all been turned into self-proclaimed videographers. We record even the most mundane things because…why not? Whether those videos are something you would consider useless or an “OH MY GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE I CAUGHT THAT” type of video, there is a good chance it can use some editing. ReVu is a video-editing app that’ll do just that.

ReVu comes with all of the usual, basic essential tools you would want in any video-editing app you download. However, the unique features it comes with are what truly grabbed our attention. First is its ability to correct the fisheye distortion or curvature in your GoPro videos. Sure, your GoPro video looks really awesome when you have got it affixed to your head as you are doing a backflip on your snowboard. But let’s be honest, wouldn’t it look a whole lot better without that distracting fish-eye effect? ReVu corrects that for you, making the video ready for you to post online for people to see. Now going a step further, ReVu can pan and zoom on the fly as you are recording so you are making “in-camera” edits. Some of the other features include trimming, auto-detecting GoPro settings, as well as saving your video directly to your camera roll. Don’t you hate when you accidentally film your video vertically? Well don’t worry, ReVu can convert that mistake into a horizontal video. Once your new and improved video is saved to your camera roll on your phone, it is super easy to find and upload them to your favorite social media channels.

The ReVu video editor app is available on the iPhone and iPad. Head to the app store or to download it today.

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