Deliver Interactive Content in Your Paper

Everyone is talking about it in the technology world- NFC or Near Field Communication. Rooted in radio-frequency identification tech, NFC has recently gained high popularity in recent years due to its integration with mobile devices. Now here comes a solution to make it even more successful. PowerCoat Alive lets you deliver interactive content in a simple easy-to-use process by printing and embedding RFID tags and microchips directly into a special paper.

What is really cool about PowerCoat Alive is this NFC-ready paper can then be triggered by any NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to reveal the information that is on the chip. PowerCoat Alive can be found to be useful for almost any situation. For example, let’s say that you are hosting a big party and you want to print invites for all your guests. You can print it with PowerCoat Alive and your guests can trigger the data simply by placing their device on the paper and all the info embedded in the chip would be added right to their calendar on their phone. Do you find yourself handing out your business card often? Imagine being able to hand out your business card that has been printed with PowerCoat Alive. Any potential clients that you gave your business card to can scan the card and have your contact information directly inputted into their contact list on their phone so they never lose it. What’s more, this paper can be printed using just about any printing process.

While most similar products out there are made of plastic, PowerCoat has gone with this more environmentally-friendly, recyclable alternative. So not only are you able to wield the power of NFC technology through a customizable chip, you also get to do your part for the environment.

Head over to today for more information on PowerCoat Alive.

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