Revolutionizing Job Searching

The internet has completely changed the entire job searching and hiring process. Remember the days of frantically searching for a new job in newspapers? Although we know that those days are long gone, we also know it is still hard to find that perfect job. Well, iSpot Talent is an app that takes an even more revolutionary approach on how to search for a job.

Here’s how it works. As an employer, you can advertise a job opening and let users apply. As a potential employee, AKA someone in need of a job, you begin by downloading the app and creating your own profile. You enter in all your skills and even upload your resume. But what really sets this app apart from other job-seeking apps is that you are able to upload your own personal video, which allows potential employers to get a sense of your personality prior to you even meeting or speaking with them. This is what takes job searching to the next level.

iSpot Talent not only helps out job seekers, but also employers. Employers can search through iSpot Talent and look for potential candidates they would like to hire based on more than just a plain-old boring resume. If the employer likes your video and profile, and think you are what they are looking for, they can direct message anyone they want to interview for the job right in the app. The jobs available through the app vary widely so there really is something for everyone here. Some of the industries you can check out are automotive, accounting, education, design, multimedia, restaurants, and many more.

iSpot Talent is free to download with a free 7-day trial on iOS and Android devices. Simply search for “iSpot Talent” in the app store or go to today.

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