Stay Active at Work

Whether or not you consider yourself a workaholic, it is a fact that Americans work a lot throughout their lifetime. In fact, we spend an average of 80% of our lives just working. And unfortunately for many of us that means sitting in a chair at a desk inactively. Think about it for a second…That is a whole lot of inactivity for someone throughout the span of a couple months, year, or a lifetime. Being inactive can lead to overall bad posture and poor health conditions. This is where Fitterfirst comes to the rescue.

Fitterfirst has been “Leading the world to better balance” since 1985 and has since shifted their attention to the brilliant idea of an active office. Their latest addition to the family is the Active Office Board which is intended to keep you active and promote movement while you work. While using the Active Office Board, users are able to shift their weight around, stretch out their legs, as well as introduce a whole new level of subtle movements to their work day. This will benefit you even if you do not have a desk job because we all know that standing still is just as bad as sitting still.

The idea behind the Active Office Board is to encourage subtle movements and good posture while standing. By balancing on the board you use different stabilizer muscles to keep yourself subtly active and alert. The board also has easily adjustable foam legs making it versatile and applicable to almost any situation. There is a variety of benefits that come from bringing even slight subtle movement to an otherwise static workday in an office chair, leading to an overall healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

The Fitterfirst Active Office Board starts at a mere $99.95. Head to to buy one today.

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