Get Your Shipping Cost’s Worth

Every year there are about 7.5 billion packages sent by FedEx and UPS. Out of those packages 10% actually end up arriving to their destination late. Then there is the matter of refunds. What is most shocking is that there is about $5 billion dollars worth of unclaimed refunds. This is money that is owed to consumers due to their packages not arriving on time. The solution to this dilemma lies in an app called Fedups.

Fedups is very handy as it can track all of your packages across FedEx, UPS, and USPS. All you have to do is simply scan the tracking number and the app will start tracking your package for you. No more having to track packages manually! It will keep constant tabs on your package for you throughout the entire delivery process. What’s more is you will be notified if your package ends up arriving later than the delivery time you paid for. For example, let’s say you had paid for overnight shipping, but the package actually gets there in two days. Fedups will then ask you if you would like to file a refund claim. The app takes it from there for you and processes the claim on your behalf until you receive your restitution. The cool thing is, there is no limit of number of packages you can track, so this is a very handy app for a commercial enterprise to utilize, as you might be losing money and not know it due to having so many packages coming in it is difficult to keep track of what has come in and what has not. In fact, the Fedups web-based application is geared for both personal and commercial use.

The app is also available on iOS, Windows, and Android devices for free. Head to your respective app store to download Fedups today.

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