No More Passwords, More Security

Did you know that an average person needs to remember 8 to 12 passwords on a day-to-day basis? That is a lot of passwords to have to remember! As mobile phones are becoming a more and more integral part of our everyday lives as we use it for simply checking our bank accounts as well as accessing our other highly personal data, privacy and security are more vital than ever before. You are probably wondering if your information is truly safe simply being protected by a password. Well, at Mobile World Congress 2016, we came across the people that can make our lives that much easier and our data that much safer by providing us with security literally at our fingertips. They’re called Fingerprints.

With Fingerprint Cards you don’t have to worry, your online transactions will be secure. Complete sensor systems are made out of hardware and software designed by Fingerprint Cards components that can be integrated into your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Fingerprint Cards are unique as they offer a complete range of user friendly, easy fingerprint biometrics solutions that can be used both separately or combined. The solutions meet the highest demands in both industrial design process as in end user experience. The hardware covers sensors and complete modules. It is also combined with software that enhances the end user experience as well as offers more possibilities of differentiation for the Fingerprint Cards customer. Fingerprint Card technology is suited for almost all your daily security purposes. They allow for both flexible and completely seamless integration. The Fingerprint Card sensors are currently being used worldwide in many high security environments such as banking and day-to-day access security.

Ready to make your data more secure? If you would like to learn more about Fingerprints, just head online to – you guessed it – today.

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