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A common problem that parents and teachers are constantly faced with is how to keep kids engaged while learning. We all know the importance and value of education so it’s a problem worth tackling. To students, school work seems more like a chore and they often try to avoid it because they would rather be playing games. Edcoda is an e-learning software that combines video games and education.

So you probably can imagine how it works. But just in case you don’t, let us walk you through it. Teachers pick from a set of subjects like – for example 5th grade math – which are preloaded with state-aligned lessons and questions. Students can log in and begin playing and learning simultaneously. In order to gain power-ups and rewards in the game, students have to correctly solve homework problems. The fun 3D games and activities will keep the student engaged while they are learning the materials. Meanwhile, teachers will also receive real-time analytics that tell them how each student is doing. Edcoda is also multi-platform, it works on PCs, mobile, and web so that it can be accessed by students of teachers from virtually anywhere.

Edcoda also allows teachers to customize their lesson plans and questions. The game is adaptive and customized for each student – so as they improve, the question difficulty increases or if they’re not doing well it slows the pace down to give them time to understand the material. Since the teacher gets progress reports from the students, they are able to customize their lesson plans. The idea is that kids will be so engaged that they will want to continue working on their lessons at home.

Edcoda is currently still in development and will launch beta tests in schools later this year. To stay updated, head over to

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