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We all know the importance of having insurance. We also know the headaches insurance companies can create. Insurance companies have total control over our protection from type of coverage to, if and when claims are paid. It often feels like these insurance companies do not care about what we are trying to protect, and care more about the money they are making off of us. Well, take a look at besure. besure is changing the way we choose to protect the things that matter most to us by bringing a community-concept to insurance with peer-to-peer risk sharing.

besure is a platform where members contribute to and control what is covered for things that matter most to them. For example, if you have a dog that you love and want protection for your pooch just in case something happens. Using besure, you can join a community of people to cover your little canine. Since you are all joining for the same interest, you all pay the same contribution to join. Say your dog got into an accident and needs to get surgery. You can file a claim to your besure community where other members of your community can either approve or deny the claim. And then it is your community who decides whether or not your dog will get coverage for the surgery. Again, what is great about this is everyone in your community shares the same interest so you know that you are in the hands of people who truly care about what you are trying to protect. All members share the burden and lean on each other for support which is why they call it peer-to-peer risk sharing.

So to protect what matters to you most, and to be sure it is protected by people who care, head on over to today.

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